Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform. Shopify and MRPEasy can work seamlessly together so that sales and shipments are done in Shopify and products are made and booked in MRPEasy.

How it works

1. When an order is created and paid in Shopify, it is imported to MRPEasy as a customer order.

For privacy reasons, no customer information is copied from Shopify to MRPEasy.

Only products are posted to MRPEasy. Products are matched by the SKU field in Shopify and the Part Number field in MRPEasy. If some products must not be sent to MRPEasy (for example, a service), they must have no SKU value or SKU that does not match any part number in MRPEasy.

When an order is imported to MRPEasy, a tag In production is attached to the order. Shopify order number is copied to the field Reference in MRPEasy customer order.

If an order has no products with matching SKU, it is not imported to MRPEasy and a tag Ready for shipment is attached.

2. When an order is imported to MRPEasy, the software tries to book products. Available products are booked immediately.

Not available products are added to the Critical On-hand report, if product’s Min. Stock value is set. The parts status of the Customer Order will be Not booked. Manufacturing Orders for these products can be created (together with automatic bookings) from the Critical On-hand report. Also, bookings can be created directly from the Customer Order.

3. When all products are ready, in MRPEasy customer order’s status is changed to Ready for shipment. In Shopify, the tag In production is replaced with Ready for shipment in order’s details. This means that the order can be fully fulfilled.

4. After the order is fulfilled in Shopify, a shipment is created in MRPEasy so that products are deducted from the inventory.

Set up

To set up the integration between Shopify and MRPEasy, please go to MRPEasy -> Settings -> System settings -> Integration -> Shopify, click the Connect to Shopify button and fill in the required information. After click the button Install app.

Useful tips

We advise to create a custom search in Shopify to find ready for shipment orders faster:

  1. go to Shopify → Orders;
  2. click Filter orders;
  3. select a filter: Tagged with;
  4. enter a tag Ready for shipment;
  5. click the Add filter button;
  6. click the Save this search button;
  7. enter the name of the search: Ready for shipment;
  8. save the custom search.

This makes possible to find ready for shipment orders with one click.


The integration between Shopify and MRPEasy is maintained by MRPEasy. If you have any questions about the integration, please turn to MRPEasy support.