Barcode System

Generation and printing of barcodes for products 

To enable:

  1. Go to Settings -> Enterprise functions;
  2. Choose Barcodes -> Yes;
  3. Select how barcodes are assigned to stock items: automatically by MRPEasy or manually;
  4. Select a type of barcode: EAN-13 (newer and preferred) or UPC-A;
  5. If barcodes are assigned by MRPEasy, enter a prefix that consists of your country code and company code. If the company does not have manufacturer code, it can be obtained at

After barcodes have been enabled and configured, go to Stock -> Items. Open product details to print barcodes and do the following:

  1. Click the button Print barcodes. If the product has matrix BOM and parameters, then this button is located in the Variations section. Otherwise, this button is located in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. If barcodes are assigned manually, enter the barcode value for the product.
  3. Select a paper size and margins.
  4. Define a grid that is used to place barcodes at the page. Enter the number of columns (how many barcodes are printed per line) and rows (how many lines can be printed per page at maximum).
  5. Enter the total number of barcodes to print.
  6. Click the Print button and a PDF file with barcodes will be opened.

Any size of paper for stickers can be used.

Assigning barcodes to products

Even if barcodes are assigned automatically, it is possible to assign a custom barcode to a stock item. To do it:

  1. Go to Stock -> Items -> open particular item;
  2. Click Print barcodes;
  3. Mouse over Barcode;
  4. Scan the barcode;
  5. Click the Print button to save the barcode.

Scanning barcodes

You can use USB and Bluetooth scanner, connected to desktop computer, or mobile device. When using MRPEasy mobile app, device camera can be also used as a scanner.

Particular actions depend on the place they occur:

  1. If the cursor is in the product input field, the appropriate product is selected;
  2. Stock -> Items: find a particular item;
  3. Stock -> Stock lots: find all stock lots with this item;
  4. Stock -> Shipments: find all shipments with this item;
  5. Stock -> Inventory: find a particular item;
  6. Procurement -> Purchase orders: find all purchase orders with this item;
  7. Manufacturing -> When adding serial numbers for a ready product: if serial number is printed as a barcode on the product, it is possible to scan the barcode instead of entering the serial number manually.

If a barcode was scanned on a page with a list of entries, use the Clear button to show the list again.

If your web browser has a function "Search for text when I start typing," it should be turned off. Otherwise, the barcode scanner may not work correctly.