Vendor Details

Add a new or edit an existing Vendor, and enter its:

  • contact information;
  • one or more contact persons;
  • notes;
  • the time for the next contact;
  • language (from supported by the system);
  • default lead time in days;
  • payment period;
  • currency.

The contact type field is a dropdown (for phone, fax, skype, e-mail, web, address, etc.). Each type of contact must be on its own line; a new line can be added with the Add button.

Contact details can also be entered for vendor’s contact person. These data will not be printed on any document.

Documents, like for example, purchase orders, will be printed at vendor's language. By default it is your sign up language.

When a purchase order is created, vendor's currency is used and payment date is calculated as invoice date plus payment period.


If vendor is a service subcontractor, it is possible to add that vendor into Routing as operator of particular operation, and to issue purchase order for his service.