User Manual

Support Settings

The Settings -> System settings -> Support settings page allows managing support options.

This page allows:

  • giving access to your database to the MRPeasy technical support team,
  • purchasing training hours,
  • purchasing launch packages.

Support access

If you have an issue that you want to have MRPeasy technical support to take a look at and help you resolve, then you can allow access to your database, so the issue could be investigated.

Support access is something only a very limited number of MRPeasy tech. support personnel with special access privileges can utilize when a customer specifically asks for technical help.

As a policy, MRPeasy employees:

  • never access customers' data, with the only exception being when Support access is allowed and assistance is explicitly asked for solving a specific issue. Only a few tech. support employees have this clearance;
  • never review customers' data;
  • never input, change, edit, update customer's data in their databases;
  • never manually create, edit, or delete databases. Databases are created automatically with a new account, and can be only deleted by the customer, or automatically if the account expires;
  • never add, edit, or remove users.

Training hours

Training hours are for learning the functionality of MRPeasy with the help of our professional. We recommend purchasing at least one hour to cover one topic.

Launch packages

A launch package contains an entire implementation service from business analysis and consulting to user training and сustom development.

Support Ticket System

If you get stuck and need help, then please go to Settings -> Support -> Support tickets and create a new support ticket describing the problem in 3 steps:

  1. Your action – what you did (step by step, very detailed);
  2. The expected result;
  3. The actual output, with error messages, company ID, username, time, and a full screenshot including browser bars, video, etc.

Once you have filed a support ticket, the response will be sent to you in the same place.