Need Help?

Quick help

For any particular page throughout the program, its explanation can be found by clicking on the Quick help Quick help button in the top right-hand corner.

Support Ticket System

If you get stuck and need help, then please go to Settings -> Support and create a new support ticket describing the problem in 3 steps:

  1. Your action – what you did (step by step, very detailed);
  2. The expected result;
  3. The actual output, with error messages, company ID, username, time, and a full screenshot including browser bars, video, etc.

Once you have filed a support ticket, the response will be sent to you in the same place. 

Skype training hours

You can order training hours from Settings -> Support -> Training hours.

Training hours are for learning the functionality of MRPEasy with the help of our professional. We recommend purchasing at least one hour to cover one topic.

Launch packages

You can see the details of Launch packages and order these at Settings -> Support -> Launch packages.

A launch package contains an entire implementation service from business analysis and consulting to user training and сustom development.