Tiered Pricing

This function allows users to:

  • configure different selling prices to items based on quantity;
  • create custom price lists and attach them to customers.

Selling Price Based on Quantity

When this function is enabled, in stock item details at Stock -> Stock items it is possible to set special selling prices and a minimum order quantity for a price to apply.

When creating a customer order or an invoice, software will automatically select the correct price based on the quantity.

Custom Price lists

After this function is enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions, handling of price lists should be allowed at Settings -> Human resources -> particular user details.

price lists can be created at CRM -> Price lists. Each price list consists of a number, name, and a list of products with prices.

A particular price list can be selected for any customer in CRM -> Customers -> particular customer details -> Pricelist.

When a customer order or an invoice for this customer is created, MRPEasy tries to use prices from this customer's price list. If no price is defined in the price list, the default selling price from Stock -> Items -> particular item -> Selling price is used.

To change prices of a product in several price lists at a time, go to Stock -> Items -> particular item. Under the Selling price field there is a list of all price lists that are defined in CRM -> Price lists. Enter custom prices for any price list to add the product to the price list, or leave some prices empty to delete the product from the price list.

Prices from a price list have priority over selling prices from an item's details.