Overlap and Sequence of Manufacturing Operations

This function allows for configuration of a special sequence and overlapping of production operations in the Routing.

When this function is enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions, Overlap and Sequence columns are added to Routing Details.

If the operation should start before the previous one is finished for all items, a check box Overlap must be checked. This gives users the ability to define the quantity of items finished in a previous operation before the next one can start.

Sequence allows users to configure a custom order of production operations. For each operation, one or several operations can be selected, which must be finished before this operation starts (press the Ctrl or Shift key, or click-hold left mouse button to select multiple).

The first operation must have sequence 0. Other operations that can be started immediately should also have sequence 0.

The number in the Sequence field indicates after which operations this operation can start. The id number of an operation is displayed at the beginning of the operation's line.