External files

MRPEasy allows adding files from external storages. These files can be used as a logo at some PDF documents, and attached to stock items, stock lots, customers, customer orders, customer notes and vendors.

The following external storages are supported:

  • Dropbox;
  • Google Drive;
  • Microsoft OneDrive.


To attach files from Dropbox, create an account at Dropbox. Dropbox software can be installed to your computer, but it is not required.

To upload a file to Dropbox, click the button Choose files from Dropbox in MRPEasy, sign in to Dropbox account and click the Upload link in upper right corner of Dropbox window.

Google Drive

Google Drive requires to give permissions to attach files. This can be done in Settings -> System Settings -> Integration.

For connection please allow pop-up window, at least once.

Also, it is possible to disconnect from Google Drive. This will disable attaching new files. But it will not delete existing attachments.

Microsoft OneDrive

To attach files from OneDrive, create an account at OneDrive. OneDrive software can be installed to your computer, but it is not required. Files can be uploaded at http://onedrive.live.com.

In order to use OneDrive for Business, external file sharing must be enabled at https://admin.onedrive.com/?v=SharingSettings:

Let users share SharePoint content with external users: Anyone, including anonymous users
Let users share OneDrive content with external users: Anyone, including anonymous users
Default sharing links: Anonymous access - anyone with the link
Links expire within: 0 days


Attachments can be added to stock items and stock lots. Files that should be attached need to be uploaded to the external storage.

If at least one of these files is an image (PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG), a button "Show images" is displayed at the right side of the screen. When this button is clicked, an area with attached images will be opened. This area can be moved to a new location or resized by clicking on the border and dragging it to a new size.

Also, 3D models can be viewed in this area, if they are in Collada (.DAE) or XML3D format and if your browser supports WebGL (Google Chrome, probably Safari, Internet Explorer 11 and maybe Firefox). Most 3D CAD software packages can export models to Collada format. If there is a 3D models that should be displayed inside MRPEasy, export them to Collada, upload to the external storage and attach.