Shipment Details

Ability to edit an existing shipment. Shipped items are written off from the stock after clicking on the Pick button, and entering the quantity that has been sent to the customer. If items have serial numbers, it is possible to enter them together with the quantity.

Waybill and picking list can be printed as PDF.

Making a shipment and sending goods out of the stock

The precondition for making any shipment is clicking Check stock and book items and To book items buttons under customer order to assign the products in the stock to this particular customer order.

Having done that, here is how to make a shipment and send goods out of the stock:

  1. Select a customer order, add a new shipment and enter its quantity;
  2. Save the shipment;
  3. Click Pick all items button.
  4. If the item has serial numbers, a new page for selecting shipped serial numbers will open.

Now the shipment has been made, and products have been written off from the stock.