Quality Control

This feature adds functions that are needed for quality control. When it is enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions, it is possible to turn quality control on for any stock item (both procured and produced).

If stock item is a subject to quality contol, two additional statuses are added to stock lots: On hold and Rejected. When a stock lot is received, it gets status On hold. Quality control inspector should check the stock lot and whether approve or reject it, fully or partially in Procurement -> Inspection. Approved items get status Received. Rejected items get status Rejected and all bookings of these items are cancelled. Rejected items should be manually written off.

Also, in stock item details it is possible to set an On-hold period in days. If the item is procured, expected availability date will be equal to expected arrival date plus on-hold period.

If vendor supplies stock items with quality control, a quantity and percentage of rejected items are shown in Procurement -> Vendors report.

For performing quality control in Procurement -> Quality control this should be allowed in Settings -> Human Resources -> User rights.