Work Station Details

The work station details page, accessible from Production planning -> Work stations, shows the configuration and information of a work station.

This page allows:

  • editing a work station,
  • setting hourly rate's and default workers/departments,
  • setting idle times (e.g. planned maintenance),
  • setting the maintenance cycle

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  1. What is a work station?
  2. What is a work station type?
  3. What are the work station properties?
  4. How to schedule and perform work station maintenance?

Work station's properties

  • Number is a unique code for the work station.
  • Name is the name of the work station.
  • Type is the code and name of the group of similar work stations.
  • Hourly rate is optional. If given, the software will take it into account when calculating the manufacturing cost. If not given, the cost of the operation should be entered in the routing. This setting has priority over what is defined in a routing (as more accurate/specific).
  • Productivity is the rate between the productivity of this particular work station and the first work station in the group. If the productivity rate is 2, the time of fulfillment of a particular operation will be divided by 2. For the first work station in the group always set productivity to 1.
  • Default worker – it is possible to set a worker/department, or several, that works at this work station by default. This setting has priority over what is defined in a routing.
    - When a manufacturing order is created, the operation is automatically assigned to the worker that is set as the default.
    - If no default worker is set at the work station, the operation is assigned to the worker set in the routing.
    - If no worker is set in the routing nor in the work station, the operation is assigned to the worker assigned to manufacturing order.
  • Maintenance cycle - the maintenance cycle in hours and/or in parts processed after which the work station should be maintained. If the cycles are defined, Maintenance done checkbox becomes available, which resets the maintenance counter. Available if the Maintenance Management System functionality is enabled.
  • Idle time - periods when no works can be planned for this particular work station.
    If a new idle period is added for the time some works have been scheduled for this work station, then the software shows a notification message. 
    However, setting an idle time does not reschedule works automatically which were previously planned for the idle time (Read: What options are available for rescheduling manufacturing orders?)

Work station maintenance, maintenance cycle, performing regular maintenance

For each work station it is possible to define a maintenance cycle in hours worked and/or parts processed, in the work station details page accessible from Production planning -> Work stations, when opening the details of a work station.

For checking the maintenance cycle of a work station:

  1. Go to Production planing -> Work stations
  2. Check the columns Until maintenance (hours) and Until maintenance (items), which show how long until the next maintenance.

For performing a maintenance:

  1. If necessary, schedule an idle time in the work station's details page, for the maintenance.
  2. When maintenance has been done, check the Maintenance done checkbox and click Save in the work station's details page to reset the counters.