Production Schedule

The Production planning -> Production schedule is the master production schedule, which shows all the manufacturing orders that have been scheduled.

  • seeing all the scheduled orders,
  • seeing MOs as one block or as separate operations,
  • seeing a Gantt chart of MOs,
  • seeing a Gantt chart of work stations' operations,
  • rescheduling MOs or operations by dragging,
  • assisted rescheduling taking into account the available capacity and materials availability,
  • accessing the details of a MO.

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  1. Tips and tricks.
  2. Color coding of the calendar.
  3. How to dynamically reschedule Manufacturing Orders?
  4. What options are available for rescheduling manufacturing orders?
  5. How to view the Gantt chart of production operations?

Tips and tricks

  • Click and drag to reschedule an order. Stared or finished operations cannot be rescheduled.
  • Click on a calendar entry to see details and to access the Administrative view of a MO.
  • Click on the Gantt button to access the Gantt charts.
  • In the Calendar view, use the drop-down menu above the calendar to change the view between "Manufacturing Orders" or "Operations"
  • In the Gantt chart view, use the drop-down menu above the chart to change the view between "Manufacturing orders" and "Work stations".
  • Click Choose columns Choose columns to choose which information to display.
  • The first day of the week is defined in Settings -> System settings -> Regional settings

Color coding

The backdrop color indicates the current progress:

  • Not started, the planned start time is in the future;
  • In progress;
  • Paused;
  • Finished;
  • (Red striped) Not started, but should have been started. The planned start time has passed.

The text color indicates the status of parts availability:

  • Not booked - all required parts are not booked;
  • Delayed - all parts are booked and ordered. some parts will become available after the planned start time of the manufacturing order;
  • Expected - all parts are booked and ordered. Some parts have not yet been received but will arrive according to the schedule;
  • Received - all parts are booked and in stock.

Dynamic click-and-drag rescheduling

Both manufacturing orders and operations can be dynamically rescheduled by clicking-holding-and-dragging them to the desired time. Then the software will check if that is possible, and if not, it will find earliest possible time after the desired time.

Generally, if you are dragging the MO or the operation to a new date, then:

  • The software will not allow overbooking a workstation, or scheduling to a holiday, or a scheduled maintenance time.
  • The original sequence of the operations is enforced. It's not possible to change the original sequence of operations within a Manufacturing Order.
  • If materials cannot be available by the requested date, the software will issue a warning but will still schedule to this time.
  • The software will only reschedule the manufacturing order which has been dragged to a new time, other manufacturing orders will not be rescheduled.

Gantt chart

The production schedule can be viewed as a Gantt chart.

For seeing the Gantt chart:

  1. Go to Production planning -> Production schedule.
  2. Click on Gantt chart button.

For changing Gantt chart views, use the drop-down menu above the chart to change the view between

  1. Manufacturing orders - to see the Gantt chart of Manufacturing Orders. Click on a MO to expand its operations.
  2. Work stations - to see the Gantt chart of the loading of work stations.

Change the date range from a predefined date range, or set custom dates.