Forecasting Details

Do the following steps to create a forecast:

  1. Enter the forecast title to identify it (for example, "3rd quarter").
  2. Enter products and quantities that are planned to be produced in the future.
  3. Select whether the forecast should book available parts, or ignore them.
    By default Forecasts are autonomous. When calculating a forecast, software ignores products and materials that are already at the stock. This allows to add forecasts for future periods without immediate booking of existing stock items.
    If you wish the forecast to count with actual stock, use radio button.
  4. Click Calculate materials and timing button. For every product software shows when a manufacturing order should be started. A list of required raw materials is displayed (part, quantity, cost, vendor, last order date). Forecast is saved.
  5. Manufacturing orders can be added to the production plan. Materials can be selected and purchase orders created for them.

After forecast is saved, it can be updated. Update does not change already made MOs and POs automatically. Comments can be added to the Notes section, export in PDF and Excel formats is available.

Starting from Enterprise edition there is a possibility to enter due date. The software will calculate timing using Backward Production Scheduling function.

Multi-site forecasting

If there are multiple production sites, there are two options: whether to select a site for the forecast or to select an option All sites.

If a site is selected, software calculates required manufacturing and purchase orders and allows to add these orders to the plan at the selected site.

If All sites option is selected, software calculates the total quantity of materials that are required to produce all desired products. But it is not possible to create manufacturing and purchase orders, because  they must be placed at particular sites.