BOM with Parameters / Matrix BOM

With this functionality it is easier to enter families of products (same model but in different sizes, colors, fabrics, etc.), so it would not be necessary to enter different BOMs for each combination.

To use this function, turn it ON at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions. Then sections Parameters and Relations become available in Stock -> Stock settings.

Firstly, parameter(s) must be configured – name, possible values, and also dependence of the quantity of part from that parameter (yes/no).

Secondly, add parameter(s) to products.

A subsection Variations appears in Item details. Define possible values of the parameter(s) for that product in this subsection.

After parameters and variation are configured, choose a product and exact values of parameters when creating CO or MO.

The objective of the Relation is to define the connection between parameter values and part. If the part depends on parameter, it should be defined in Relations.

When creating the BOM for the product with parameter(s), instead of parts, Relation should be chosen from drop-down list.

If the Parameter changes the quantity of the part, the quantity of the part should be defined for every Parameter value in a BOM.

Watch demo video here: