Manufacturing Order Details For Worker

This page is a detailed production reporting view for the worker. The page is accessible from My production plan section when opening a Manufacturing Order details.

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  1. Report progress of operations.
  2. Report used materials.
  3. Report scrap.
  4. Finish a Manufacturing Order.
  5. Create serial numbers for manufactured items.
  6. Change the visibility of other operations.
  7. Production reporting FAQ

Report progress of operations in My Production Plan

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  1. Record start, pause, finish time.
  2. Report processed quantity.
  3. Over- or underproduction.
  4. Report scrapped products.
  5. Report packed products ("Packing" functionality).

Record operation's start and finish time in real-time

  1. Open the Manufacturing Order.
  2. Click on the Start Start button at the operation’s line to start work.
  3. Click on the Pause Pause button, if the operation is stopped, but it is not finished yet.
  4. Click on the Finish Finish button, when the operation is fully completed.

The button press times are recorded and accordingly the actual labor hours are calculated.

Report processed quantity

  1. Start an operation.
  2. When you click the Pause Pause or the Finish Finish button the software will ask you how many items were completed from the last start.
  3. Enter the quantity.
    - If the operation has been stopped several times, make sure to enter the quantity from the last start, and not the total quantity.
    - If there are additional or side-products defined in the BOM, also report the quantities of these that should be placed in stock.
Report Over- or underproduction:
  • Enter the actual quantity of products, when asked.
  • If the reported quantity of the final operation differs from the initially planned quantity, the software will display a confirmation dialogue. If confirmed, the quantity of the MO is updated.
  • The MO quantity can also be updated by the production manager at any time.
  • See also: Sub-assembly overproduction in a multi-level MO.

Reporting used materials in My Production Plan

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  1. Real-time reporting of materials consumption.
  2. Consuming materials in bulk at MO finish.
  3. Adding materials to the MO.
  4. Scrapped parts, wastage.
  5. Used bulk packages ("Packing" functionality).
  6. Using a barcode reader.
  7. Reporting serial numbers of used components.

Real-time reporting of materials in My production plan

To report materials consumption line-by-line:

  1. Click on the Consume Consume button next to the part.
  2. Enter the number of used parts.

To report materials consumption in bulk, according to the number of finished goods:

  1. Click the button Consume parts for end-products above the materials table.
  2. Enter the number of finished goods.
    - The software consumes all booked parts proportionally. Consumed quantity = Entered quantity x (Booked quantity / MO planned quantity)
    - When the "Packing" functionality is used, and packaging has been booked for MO, the packaging will not be consumed automatically. It must be consumed manually.

To undo consumption:

  1. Click on the Consume Consume button next to the part.
  2. Enter the quantity to un-consume with a negative (-) number.

Adding materials to the MO in My production plan

If some part was not booked previously or has been consumed in excess:

  1. Click on the Consume Consume button next to the part.
  2. Enter the number of used parts.
    - MRPeasy will try to book them from stock lots that are received (default by FIFO; or by FEFO, for perishable goods).
    - If there are not enough available materials, a notification will be shown.

If you want to book materials from a specific stock lot:

  1. Click Add a booking ("+") button on the materials line.
  2. You will see a list of available stock lots to choose from.
  3. Enter the desired quantity next to each stock lot you wish to book.

If some additional part, that was not on the list of materials, has been used:

  1. Click on the Add a booking ("+") button on the top right corner of the table
  2. Select the part.
  3. You will see a list of available stock lots to choose from.
  4. Enter the desired quantity next to each stock lot you wish to book.

Using barcodes for reporting materials consumption in My production plan

If you use a barcode reader:

  1. Scan the stock lot code of the material.
  2. If the material is booked, the consuming screen will open.
  3. Enter the quantity to consume.
  4. Save.

Finishing the MO in My Production Plan

  1. First, open the Manufacturing Order in My production plan.
  2. When all operations are finished, click on the Finish production button.
  3. If all parts have been consumed, the system will mark the manufacturing order as Done.
  4. If some parts have not been consumed, then the system will offer two options:
    - Consume all – consume all booked parts.
    - Release unused – bookings will be canceled and the parts will be available in stock. A note will be added to the MO stating the difference between planned vs reported materials.
  5. After making a decision, click again on the Finish production button.
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