Product groups

The Stock -> Stock settings -> Product groups section shows the list of all product groups.

Product groups help to logically organize items, and in the MRPeasy accounting module, each group can have a different inventory account.

How to make best use of product groups?

As the name says, a "product group" is a group of products. Products can be grouped in a myriad of ways, e.g. by raw materials, sub-assemblies, finished goods, or by certain products, etc.

  • The main purpose is helping to filter the list of articles in a logical manner. Define the groups in a way that makes sense in your company, so that people can understand what they are looking for and can find it faster.
  • The secondary purpose is defining groups with respect to accounting codes, which would save the accountant's time who could have special reporting responsibilities. E.g. there could be several packaging groups "Packaging - Plastic" - code 50001, "Packaging - Carton" - code 50002, so the stock movement report could be filtered by code "5000" to find all packaging movements, or by specific groups for more detail.
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