Packing functionality enables support for packing multiple products into a package, e.g. a box of 10 units. It is possible to plan and use packaging materials in the manufacturing process.

Attention! The use of the Packing function is not required if each item is packaged individually. In this case, the packaging material is a usual raw material and the packaging operation must be included in the routing.

Packing functionality can be enabled in Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise settings -> Packing.

When this functionality is enabled, it is possible to:

  • Include packaging materials and package quantity into the BOM.
  • Include packaging costs into the cost of the manufactured product.
  • Plan and use packaging in MO.
  • Keep track of the packaged and not packaged products.
  • Plan the need for packaging material.
  • Use the weight of products and packaging, calculate the weight of a shipment, and use it in shipping documents.

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  1. Setting up packaging materials.
  2. Adding packaging to a BOM.
  3. Using packaging in Manufacturing Orders.
  4. Reporting in My production plan.
  5. Reporting in Internet kiosk.
  6. Shipping packaged goods.

1. Setting up packaging materials

A packaging item is created as a usual stock item. It must be

  • an inventory item,
  • can be either procured or manufactured.

2. Adding packing information of a product into its BOM

If Packing is enabled, an additional section “Packing” appears in BOM details. The user can select an item as the packaging material and enter a quantity of ready products that fit into the package.

Packing information can be added to new and existing BOMs.

If you do not need to use packaging in the BOM, clear the “Product group” and “Packaging” fields.

3. Using packaging in Manufacturing Orders

When an MO is created based on the BOM with packaging, the system automatically calculates the quantity of packaging, needed to pack the manufactured quantity of products. This quantity is obtained by rounding up the quantity of produced products divided by the number of products per package (as defined in BOM).

Packaging material is presented as the last row in the list of parts. Packaging material is automatically booked for production if available in the same way, as all other parts.

Reporting packing in My production plan

The packaging is not consumed automatically when using the “Consume parts for end-products” button.

The packaging must be consumed separately:

  1. Find the packaging material. It is the last row in the list of parts.
  2. Click the Consume button (with the shopping cart icon).
  3. Enter the quantity consumed and Save.
  4. As the packaging is consumed, the quantity of "Packaged" products increases immediately (in Stock -> Items and Stock -> Stock lots).

When the “Finish production” button is pressed and all packages are not consumed then the software asks whether these should be consumed or not, as with any other material.

Reporting packing in Internet-kiosk

When a worker reports the finish of the last operation of the MO, then all booked packaging will be automatically consumed, the MO will be marked finished, and packaged products are counted to stock.

4. Shipping packaged products

The shipment details screen contains a new button "Print package labels" for creating package labels.

Package labels are used to place additional information on packages to reflect the number of products in the package and the number of packages in this shipment. Package labels can include package weight if product weights are defined.

The size, information, and layout of the label can be edited with the Label editor

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