User Details

The user details page, accessible from Settings -> Human resources -> Users, shows the user's information and access rights.

This page allows:

  • defining the user's information,
  • editing or deleting a user,
  • assigning user access rights (create, read, update, delete) and the possibility to see prices,
  • assigning order approval rights,
  • assigning lock handler rights,
  • assigning the user into departments,
  • changing the password.

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  1. How to define a new user's details?
  2. How to set user access permissions?
  3. How to hide costs and prices from the user?
  4. How to enter the hourly wage for labor cost calculations?
  5. How to enable the internet-kiosk?
  6. How to give order approval rights?
  7. What is the lock handler?
  8. How to limit the IP addresses the user can log in from?
  9. How to enable two-factor authentication?
  10. How to change the password?
  11. How to delete a user?

Creating a new user

When creating a new user:

  1. Enter the user's E-mail, which will be used to sign in to MRPeasy.
  2. Enter the Password.
  3. Enter the Name.
  4. Choose Access rights.
  5. If this is a worker, enter the Hourly wage.
  6. Save.

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  1. How to add users to the free trial?
  2. How to add users to the subscription?

User access rights

For each section or function of the software, it is possible to set if the user can

  • create,
  • read,
  • update, 
  • or delete

documents in that section.


  • Clicking on a row or a column title toggles all rights on that row or column.
  • It is possible to copy the access permissions from an existing user.

User options

Lock handler

The Lock Handler right is assigned at Settings -> Human resources -> Users -> User's details, by checking the Lock Handler checkbox in the Options section.

What is the "lock handler" right?

There might be situations where:

  1. several users try to update an entry at once. In this case, the first users get access to the data, and others are locked out until the first user saves the data. The problem arises, when the user is away from the computer or has forgotten to finish data entry, and others need to get access to finish data entry, or enter new data.
  2. sometimes when the user has navigated away from the entry, the lock might not be released (e.g when the browser is closed without saving the data). In these cases, only the same user can edit this data.

For solving this problem there is a special user right that can be granted: the Lock handler:

  • If a user with that right tries to edit a blocked entry, a button Take lock is displayed next to the "entry locked" notification.
  • When a user clicks on the Take lock button, the old lock is canceled and the entry can be changed by this user.

Be careful using this feature! If the lock has been canceled, the original user will not be able to save his changes. When taking the lock, make sure that the other user is not in the middle of entering data.

Access limited by IP-address

It is possible to limit user's access points to certain allowed IPs only, e.g. your company's static IP address.

This is done at Settings -> Human resources -> Users -> User's details, by checking the Access limited checkbox in the Options section.


The Allowed IPs must be set at Settings -> Allowed IPs


  • Before using this function, consult your Internet Service Provider (ISP), if you have a static IP.
  • The first user's access cannot be limited by IP addresses. This is the administrator of the account.

Hiding costs and prices

It is possible to prohibit the user from seeing costs/prices in certain parts of the software.

This is being done at Settings -> Human resources -> Users -> User's details, by checking the appropriate checkboxes in the Options section. Click the Edit button, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Two-factor authentication

It is possible to force the user to go through two-step authorization when logging in. For configuring two-factor authentication:

  1. Install the Google Authenticator app on the user's phone who will use 2FA:
  2. Go to Settings -> Human resources and open the user's details page.
  3. Enable Two-factor authentication (2FA) for the user and Save changes.
  4. Click link Show 2FA key.
  5. Open Google Authenticator app.
  6. Click Begin setup or +.
  7. Click Scan barcode and scan a QR-code that is displayed,
    or click Manual entry.
  8. Enter the key to field Key.
  9. The account can be your MRPeasy username.
  10. Time-based must be turned on.

To use this, the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) must be enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions -> Two-factor authentication: Yes.

Hourly Wage

It is possible to enter the hourly wage of a worker, which will be taken into account when calculating production costs.

Since this is the total cost of the labor, this should include total expenses on the worker, including taxes.

This is done at Settings -> Human resources -> Users -> User's details

Internet-kiosk mode

This mode is intended for reporting about completion of production operations. It will be enabled only if all other rights are marked "No".

Internet-kiosk users haven't a special price in MRPeasy, because of a general price-drop after 10-th user.

For accessing the Internet-kiosk:

  1. Create a new user at Settings -> Human resources -> Users.
  2. Give access rights to the "Internet-kiosk" only. 
  3. This user will see MRPeasy in the kiosk mode.

Read: What is the internet-kiosk mode?

Order approval

It is possible to give a user the right to approve orders (e.g. Purchase Orders, Manufacturing Orders) before these can be processed further.

This is being done at Settings -> Human resources -> Users -> User's details, by checking the appropriate checkboxes in the Options section.

To use this, the Approval System functionality must be enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions -> Order approval: Yes.

Changing the password of a user

The only user with the rights to this section can change user passwords. Usually, it is MRPeasy company administrator, who can edit user's details page accessible from Settings -> Human Resources -> Users.

To change the password:

  1. Open the user's details.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Enter the New Password.
  5. Enter Your password.
  6. Save.

Deleting users

You can delete a user at the user's details page accessible from Settings -> Human Resources -> Users.

To delete a user:

  1. Open the user's details.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click Delete.

NB! The first user of the account cannot be deleted. This is the account administrator.

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