Bills of Materials

The section Production planning -> BOMs contains a list of all the bills of materials.

From here, it is possible to

  • edit and add Bills of Materials,
  • import new or update existing Bills of Materials via CSV upload,
  • bulk replace, remove, or add parts in selected Bills of Materials,
  • see the reports of each BOM,
  • export the bills of materials to a CSV file, which can be imported back into MRPeasy. (A Matrix BOM cannot be exported/imported via CSV.)

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  1. What is a Bill of Materials (BOM)? How is it used in material planning?
  2. How to add a Bill of Materials in MRPeasy?
  3. How to create a multi-level BOM?
  4. How to import a BOM?
  5. How to update many BOMs at once?
  6. How is the cost of the BOM estimated?
  7. How is the actual cost of materials for a product calculated?
  8. How to update the BOM of already planned Manufacturing Orders?
  9. How to find the BOMs where an item is used ("Where used" / "Engagement" report)?
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