Custom Fields

Starting from the Professional edition of MRPeasy, the Settings -> System settings -> Custom fields page allows configuring additional database fields in your MRPeasy database.

Demo video: "Custom fields" functionality.


  • Max. 15 custom fields can be added.
  • Custom fields provide additional opportunities for searching and sorting, but not for calculations.
  • Custom fields are hidden by default in the tables, click Choose columns to make them visible.
  • The custom field can be a free text, number, date, or a drop-down with pre-defined options.
  • A custom field can be marked "Required", so the user must fill the field.
  • For drop-down type custom fields, it is possible to add multi-line text for PDFs as one choice by using "\n" as the line-break character (e.g. "Line1\nLine2\nLine 3" for three separate lines within one option).
    • In the MRPeasy user interface, you will still see the text as a single line together with line-break characters ("Line1\nLine2\nLine 3"), the text will only be on separate lines on generated PDFs.

Custom fields can be added to the following objects:

Object Comments
Customer orders  
Customer returns (RMAs)  
Manufacturing orders Custom fields for MOs can be shown in My Production Plan.
Procurement invoices  
Purchase orders  
Purchase terms  
Stock items Custom fields for Stock Items can be added to several PDFs. These fields can be included in other documents besides invoices and POs by editing the layouts with the PDF editor.
Stock lots Custom fields for Stock Lots can be "Persistent". It means that custom field values will be transferred to a new stock lot, that is created automatically as a result of a transfer order or rejection during an inspection.
Transfer orders  



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