Serial numbers

The Stock -> Serial numbers section contains a list of all serial numbers of all parts.

This page allows:

  • searching and filtering the serial numbers,
  • accessing serial number details,
  • seeing each serial-numbered part's history,
  • seeing each serial-numbered part's status,
  • seeing the customer information who this item was shipped to,
  • editing custom fields defined for serial numbers,
  • printing serial number labels.

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  1. Tips and tricks.
  2. How to save serial numbers to parts?
  3. What do the serial numbers statuses indicate?
  4. How to record serial numbers when receiving purchase orders?
  5. How to record serial numbers in manufacturing - for parts and products?
  6. How to write off serial numbered items?
  7. How to transfer serial numbered items to another warehouse?
  8. How to ship serial numbered items to customers?
  9. How to accept customer returns of serial numbered products?
  10. How to print a serial number label?

Saving serial numbers to parts and products

  1. Read: How to record serial numbers of purchased items?
  2. Read: How to record serial numbers in Manufacturing Orders?
  3. Serial numbers can be also manually entered or edited at each stock lot's details, at Stock -> Stock lots when manually adding a new lot, or after a lot has been created.

The serial number statuses

The serial number statuses are updated automatically according to how these items are handled. The statuses are:

  • Planned - when the item has not been received yet. The stock lot is in status Planned;
  • Received - when the item is in stock. The stock lot is in status Received;
  • Consumed - when the item is consumed in manufacturing;
  • Shipped - when the item is shipped to the customer. Read: How to track shipped serial numbers?;
  • Written off - when the item is manually written off in Stock -> Write-offs
  • Rejected - when the item has failed quality control or RMA inspection. The stock lot status is Rejected. Available, if the Quality Control or Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) functionality is enabled.
  • Returned - when the item has been returned from a customer. The stock lot status is RMA returned. Available, if the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) functionality is enabled.

Serial number label

It is possible to print labels to identify items with serial numbers. The labels for serial numbers can be printed by clicking Print label at

  • the Stock -> Serial numbers page,
  • the Stock Lot details page,
  • the Manufacturing order, where the products with serial numbers were manufactured.

The size, information, and layout of the label can be edited with the Label editor

The standard label also contains the unique serial number barcode, if the Barcode System functionality is enabled.

Read also: What happens when a serial number barcode is scanned?

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