Critical On-hand

The Procurement -> Critical on-hand page shows procured items which are in demand and therefore below their minimum available quantity and need re-ordering. 

For an item to show up on this report, its Reorder point parameter needs to be set, even 0.

The Procurement -> Critical on-hand allows

  • raising purchase orders to fill requirements and minimal inventory levels,
  • saving a PDF or CSV report,
  • automatically connecting the newly ordered items to where these were required (FIFO principle).

Creating Purchase Orders to fulfill requirements and minimal inventory levels

For creating a PO from the Critical on-hand:

  1. Open Procurement -> Critical on-hand.
  2. Click on the Create a purchase order Create a purchase order button on an item's line.
  3. All other below minimum items from the same vendor are automatically added to the same PO.* 
  4. All PO details are automatically filled, including price, minimum order quantity, and expected delivery date.*
  5. Update any details of the PO, e.g. add, remove or edit the line items.
  6. Save to create the PO.

When the Purchase Order is saved, all the ordered items are automatically booked to where these were demanded from, Customer or Manufacturing Orders (following the FIFO principle).

*For the automatic grouping and Purchase Order pre-population to work the Purchase Terms have been entered for the items.

Demand for items from sales or manufacturing

In general, demand is raised, when items are being booked for a CO or a MO, and these items are not available. Therefore, the available inventory levels become negative.

For raising demand for materials from a Manufacturing Order:

  1. Schedule the Manufacturing Order.
  2. If some materials are not available, demand will be raised.

For raising demand for products or procured items from a Customer Order:

  1. Open the Customer Order, or create new.
  2. Click Check stock and book items.
  3. Click Book all items and confirm.
  4. If some items are not available in stock, demand will be raised for both manufactured products and procured items for resale (the demand for manufactured products is shown at Stock -> Critical on-hand)
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