Unscheduled Manufacturing Orders

The Unscheduled manufacturing orders functionality allows production managers to remove planned manufacturing orders from the production schedule, and to add them back to the schedule.

When a manufacturing order is unscheduled, workstation bookings are canceled. Thus, workstations can be used for other manufacturing orders.

When creating a new MO manually, it is possible not to include the MO in the production schedule and/or not to book parts.

This functionality can be enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions -> Unscheduled manufacturing orders.

If the Unscheduled manufacturing orders functionality is enabled, then:

  1. Buttons Add to schedule and Remove from the schedule are displayed in MO details under the Operations section.
  2. When creating a new manufacturing order, a new option Do not book parts becomes available.
  3. When creating a new manufacturing order, a new option Do not book workstations becomes available.
  4. A new MO status Not scheduled is introduced, which is used for manufacturing orders which are not on the production schedule.
  5. Column Not scheduled is displayed in the Gantt chart. The column contains a list of not scheduled manufacturing orders. They can be dragged to the Gantt chart for scheduling.

Manufacturing orders can be unscheduled only before they are started.

Demo video.

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