Units of Measurement

The Stock -> Stock settings -> Units of measurement section contains a list of all main units of measurement (UoM) used in stock.

In addition to the stock units of items it is possible to:

  1. Define unit conversions for more comfortable use in BOMs (e.g. kg -> g, lbs -> oz). For example:
    1. You track an item in your inventory in pounds.
    2. A vendor sells items in "bags", where each bag is 12 lbs. Your PO to the vendor shows that you are ordering a number of bags. This is a vendor-specific UoM conversion.
  2. Define conversions from vendor's units of measurement to stock units (e.g. 1 package on PO -> 30 pcs in stock). For example: 
    1. When a bag is received, inventory increases by 12 lbs. 
    2. You use this item in a product in ounces. In a bill of materials (and later MO), the quantity to consume is e.g. 1 oz per product. This is a unit conversion from the main unit.
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