The CRM -> Invoices section contains a list of all invoices, quotations, prepayment invoices, order confirmations, credit-invoices, and pro-forma invoices.

This page allows:

  • creating and editing documents,
  • seeing the details and payment statuses of documents,
  • filtering and exporting documents.

Jump to:

  1. Tips and tricks.
  2. What types of documents can be created?
  3. Send a quotation, an invoice, an order confirmation.
  4. Customize invoice PDF for the customer.
  5. Invoice statuses.

Tips and tricks

  • Click Create to add a new document.
  • Click Choose columns to choose which columns to display.
  • Drag the columns to rearrange them.
  • The table can be searched and filtered (see Usage tips for wildcards).
  • Click Saved searches to save a search or use a saved search.
  • It is also possible to create an invoice without a relation to a Customer Order.

Invoice statuses

Invoice status shows whether the invoice is dummy, paid, partially paid, or unpaid. The following statuses are possible:

  • Dummy - a draft invoice that is ignored in accounting and statistics.
  • Unpaid - no payments received.
  • Paid partially - the invoice is partially paid.
  • Paid - the invoice is fully paid.
  • Canceled - the invoice is deleted.

Invoice status is colored only when the type is  Invoice or Credit-invoice and status is Paid or the due date is set.

Types of documents

It is possible to create the following types of documents in this section:

  • Invoice - issued to the customer to bill for goods or services.
  • Credit-invoice - issued to the customer to fully or partially cancel an issued invoice.
  • Prepayment invoice - issued to the customer when they will be making a prepayment for a Customer Order. Once goods or services are delivered, an Invoice will be issued.
  • Quotation - issued to the customer to provide information about pricing. (Not to be confused with a Customer Order's status "Quotation", which means that a quotation should be issued for that pending order.)
  • Pro-forma invoice - a formal offer issued to the customer, with no obligations to the customer, but which the customer can pay to accept. After payment, the seller must provide a (commercial/tax) invoice and deliver goods or services. More commonly used in Europe. 
  • Order confirmation - confirmation sent to the customer that their order has been received, accepted, and will be fulfilled.

Attention! The type of document cannot be changed if it was "invoice", "prepayment", or "credit". If this is needed, a new document should be created by copying the old one.

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