Backward Production Scheduling

By default, the software schedules the Manufacturing Order to the first available time, which is called Forward planning

The Backward production scheduling allows setting a delivery date by which the product should be ready, and the software will try to find the latest possible time for the production to finish before the delivery date. This is very important in just-in-time manufacturing and delivery, so there would be minimal standing inventory of products.

The backward scheduling of production is available from the Enterprise plan. Functions that are enabled are the following:

  1. Setting the Due date when creating a new Manufacturing Order at Production planning -> Manufacturing Orders -> Create a new MO:
    - will make the software schedule backward to find the latest available time.
  2. The setting Backward scheduling becomes available at Settings -> System settings -> Software settings, which when enabled: 
    - will make the software utilize backward scheduling back from the Delivery dates in the Customer Order, in case the Manufacturing Orders are automatically scheduled from the Customer Order.
  3. Setting the Due date in a Procurement Forecast, at Procurement -> Forecasts:
    - will make the software use backward scheduling to find the latest time for Manufacturing Orders to start to be finished by Due date,
    - and the latest times for Purchase Orders to be placed, so materials will arrive on time for manufacturing.

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Backward production scheduling

Starting from the Enterprise pricing plan the software also allows backward scheduling. For backward scheduling:

  1. Start adding a new Manufacturing Order at Production planning -> Manufacturing Orders by clicking Create.
  2. Set the Due date, as a result:
    - The software will try to find the latest possible time to finish Just-In-Time before the Due date. Ideally, the Manufacturing Order would be finished on the previous day.
  3. Save the manufacturing order to put it on the schedule.

Demo video: How to use backward scheduling functionality for scheduling production operations.

Backward Scheduling in Customer Orders

In customer orders, it is possible to set a general delivery date or a separate delivery date for every line. This is the day when the customer order should be ready for shipment.

For using backward scheduling from a Customer Order:

  1. Open the Customer Order
  2. Fill in the Delivery date(s).
  3. Click Check stock and book items.
  4. Check the option for "Create MOs for missing products".
  5. Click Book all items and confirm.
  6. The software tries to create Manufacturing Orders for missing products using backward scheduling, so they would be available latest on the delivery date.

To utilize backward scheduling in Customer Orders, turn ON the option Backward Scheduling: Yes at Settings -> System settings -> Software settings.

Demo video: How to have the software automatically schedule manufacturing orders based on due dates from customer orders.

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