Revision/Version Control System (VCS)

The Revision control system allows saving revisions of stock items and keeping track of all changes made to Bills of Materials (BOMs) and Routings.

Demo video: Revision/Version Control System.

This functionality can be turned on at Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions -> Version control system.

If this is turned on, then:

  • A revision (version) can be stored in stock item details.
  • An item's revision can be stored in the stock lot details. If some particular stock lot is reworked, the revision can be changed manually.
  • When creating a manufacturing or purchase order, a revision is copied from the item to this document. Also, the revision is copied to the target stock lot. When the revision is changed in the initial document, the new revision is copied to the target stock lot.
  • When creating a transfer order, the revision is copied from the source stock lot to the target stock lot. Please note that changing the revision in the source stock lot after the transfer order was created, does not affect the target stock lot.
  • Every update to a BOM or a Routing creates a new revision of the document.
  • On the BOM and Routing details pages, there is the list of previous versions, with the Created date, Notes, and User information.
  • It is possible to restore a previous version of the BOM or the Routing.
  • It is possible to view a PDF of the previous version.
  • It is possible to edit notes. In the Edit mode, move the mouse over the notes, and edit them.
  • In the BOM and Routing subsections of Production Planning, in part Versions it is possible to search by number, date period, name, user created, and notes.


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