Parameter Details

The parameter details page allows defining new, editing, or deleting an existing parameter or its values.

The Stock -> Stock settings -> Parameters section shows the list of all parameters.


  • Parameters are part of the Matrix BOM functionality, study the Matrix BOM documentation and examples.
  • A parameter must have a list of values.
  • Each parameter value has a code, which represents the parameter's value, and will be added as a suffix to the item's code to identify the unique variation.
  • A parameter's value can either change the quantities of raw materials (e.g. parameter Size, where different values change the material quantity) or change the raw materials themselves (E.g. Power, where different values represent differ Power Supply Units).

Using parameters and values to define product variations

For defining a parameter:

  1. Go to Stock -> Stock settings -> Parameters
  2. Click Create to add a new Parameter.
  3. Enter the parameter's name.
  4. Choose, if the parameter changes the quantities of raw materials.
  5. Enter the values this parameter can have and the corresponding codes.
  6. If variable selling prices for parameter values is enabled, enter how each parameter value affects the base selling price of the item.
  7. Save

If the parameter values change the quantities of raw materials:

  • Then the BOM will have several quantity columns each representing a different parameter value.
  • See examples.

If the parameter values do not change the quantities of raw materials:

  • Then they will change the raw material items themselves.
  • A relation must be defined to connect the parameter values to specific stock items.
  • The relation must be entered into the BOM at a materials line, from the "Relations" drop-down field. 
  • See examples.
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