Fixed Quantity

The Fixed quantity functionality allows for the quantity of a component to be independent of the number of products on the Manufacturing Order. While normally the quantities on a BOM are multiplied by the number of items on the MO to calculate the required materials, the fixed quantity number will not be multiplied, it's fixed.

This functionality can be enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions -> Fixed quantity.

When the Fixed quantity option is turned ON then:

  • The Fixed quantity column becomes available on Bills of Materials.
  • If some part is used a fixed amount, irrelevant to the order quantity, it can be entered in the Fixed Quantity column on the BOM (e.g. a user manual, gloves, tools boxed with the products, etc.)
  • A material's quantity on a MO = MO's number of products x Quantity in the BOM + Fixed quantity in the BOM.

Demo video

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