Additional Currencies

The Settings -> System settings -> Additional currencies page allows defining additional currencies and their exchange rates to the system’s base currency.

  • Please note – the system uses only one base currency in stock, and to which the additional currencies relate to. The base currency is defined at Settings -> System settings -> Regional settings.
  • The idea of different currencies is to display them on purchasing/sales documents – Purchase order (PO), Customer orders (CO), and Invoice/Quotation.
  • It is also possible to set default currencies for customers and vendors.
  • The price of every lot in the stock is displayed in the base currency. Even if a different currency is used when making a PO, the stock lot will still be displayed in the base currency, taking into account its exchange rate.
  • When creating a document, the currency exchange rate is taken from the list of additional currencies. It is possible to change the rate in the particular document after.
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