ShipStation is a web-based, multi-carrier shipping solution for eCommerce retailers. Designed to streamline the fulfillment process, this software offers a vast number of integrations that allow you to import and process orders. ShipStation and MRPeasy can work seamlessly together so that orders are prepared in MRPeasy and shipped from ShipStation using a big selection of available carriers.

How to set up the integration between MRPeasy and ShipStation

1. You must have an active account in ShipStation.

2. Log in to your ShipStation account, go to Settings -> Account -> API settings:

  • Now press the green button “Generate API keys” if the keys have not been generated earlier, or “Regenerate API keys” if they have been generated earlier.

3. ShipStation generates a pair of keys: API Key and API Secret. Example:

  • API Key:                0b7ae06eb123456789f60d00f3454052
  • API Secret:            22f2b1234a5a678eaef19bd60d466ef4 

4. Log in to your MRPeasy account, go to Settings -> System settings -> Integrations:

  • Press the button “Configure API access” in the section “ShipStation”.
  • Input ShipStation API Key and API Secret into the relevant fields in the opened window and press “Save”. 

How the integration between MRPeasy and ShipStation works

Integration between MRPeasy and ShipStation is a one-way integration: shipments are prepared in MRPeasy and sent to ShipStation for shipment. Carrier selection, labels printing, package shipping, and tracking are performed in ShipStation.

It works as follows:

1. A shipment for a customer order, RMA return, or subcontracting PO is prepared in MRPeasy.

2. Free-text addresses for customers cannot be used if shipment information is prepared for sending to ShipStation.

3. Once a new shipment is prepared and saved in MRPeasy, you can press the “Send to ShipStation” button and the shipment will be sent to ShipStation and become available on that side as an order:

  • If shipment status in MRPeasy is “New”, then the ShipStation order will have the status “On hold”.
  • If shipment status in MRPeasy is “Ready for shipment” or “Shipped”, then the ShipStation order will have the status “Awaiting shipment”.

4. The following data is sent to ShipStation:

  • The order date.
  • SKU, part name, and quantity for each shipment row.

5. If the shipment is modified in MRPeasy, then, after saving changes, you can press the “Send to ShipStation” button, to update the order in ShipStation.

  • Changes cannot be made if the ShipStation order has the status “canceled” or “shipped”.

6. When an order is shipped in ShipStation, a tracking number is imported from Shipstation to the shipment details in MRPeasy.

7. When you delete a shipment in MRPeasy, MRPeasy checks if it had been sent to ShipStation earlier:

  • If yes, then MRPeasy asks if you want to delete it in ShipStation also.
  • If you select that you wish to delete it in ShipStation also, then it will be canceled in ShipStation.
  • Order in ShipStation cannot be canceled if its ShipStation status is “canceled” or “shipped”.
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