Ware2Go provides on-demand fulfillment and warehousing, making 1-2 day delivery easy and affordable for all merchants. Ware2Go and MRPeasy can work seamlessly together so that orders are imported to MRPeasy when they are shipped in Ware2Go.

How to set up the integration between MRPeasy and Ware2Go

1. You must have an active account in Ware2Go.

2. Log in to your MRPeasy account, go to Settings -> System settings -> Integrations:

  • Press the button Connect to Ware2Go in the section Ware2Go.

3. Fill in the form:

  • Access token: your username in Ware2Go,
  • Secret: your password in Ware2Go,
  • Merchant ID: you can find it in Ware2Go -> Merchant Profile -> Company Information.

And press Save.

4. Configure the integration parameters. When done, press Save again.

How the integration between MRPeasy and Ware2Go works

Integration between MRPeasy and Ware2Go is a one-way integration.

When an outbound order is marked as shipped in Ware2Go, in MRPeasy:

  • An existing Customer Order (CO) is looked up by the order number.
    If it is not found, a new CO created.
  • Products are booked.
  • A Shipment is created and picked.

It may take up to two hours for a new shipped order to be imported from Ware2Go to MRPeasy.

If the order in Ware2Go contains information regarding stock lots (lot number and number of items booked from that lot):

  • MRPeasy tries to book products from these stock lots.
  • If this is not possible, products are not booked, and an important note is added to the customer order. 
  • Customer orders with important notes are highlighted with a red flag in the list at CRM -> Customer orders.
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