Stock Lot Details

The Stock Lot Details page, accessible from Stock -> Stock lots -> View a stock lot's details, shows the detailed information of a stock lot and its reports.

The Stock Lot Details page allows

  • updating a stock lot's information and status,
  • tracing issues and defects,
  • seeing the source and other reports of the stock lot,
  • printing the stock lot label,
  • moving items between storage locations,
  • attaching files (e.g. Certificate of Conformity, Delivery Note, etc.)
  • managing serial numbers of this lot.

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  5. How to perform quality control?
  6. How to track serial numbers?
  7. How to print a stock lot label?

Moving items between storage locations (shelves, racks, storage areas, separate rooms inside the warehouse)

For changing the storage location of an item:

  1. Go to Stock -> Stock lots and click on Move stock item.
  2. Or open the Stock lot Details page and click Move stock item in the Storage locations section.

When creating a new lot, it is possible to define where items are located. If the location is left undefined:

  1. The location of the item is set to the item's default storage location.
  2. If the default storage location is undefined, the location is the first location set in Stock -> Stock settings -> Storage locations.

For adding a new location, open the Storage location drop-down menu and click on Add new storage location, or pre-define the Storage locations at Stock -> Stock settings -> Storage locations.

Serial numbers traceability

If the item has serial numbers, then these serial numbers are tracked together with their stock lot number. 

When serial numbers are entered in the Stock lot details, the quantity must be equal to the number of items in the stock lot. 

Serial numbers can be entered: 

  1. individually, by keyboard input or barcode scanning;
  2. all at once, by copying them from a Notepad or an Excel file and pasting them into the first serial number field. The software will place each number in its own field.

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In order to use serial numbers:

  • The serial numbers functionality must be turned on at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions -> Serial numbers: Yes.
  • Serial numbers must be enabled in the item's details, at Stock -> Items.

Incoming quality control of parts and products

If quality control is enabled for an item, then each time the item is received into stock, whether it's procured or manufactured, then the stock lot will be put on hold, and it needs to be inspected:

  • The stock lot's status will be On hold.
  • The stock lot needs to be inspected in Procurement -> Inspection after which the approved quantity will be in status Received, and the unapproved quantity will be in status Rejected.

The Rejected parts can only be:

  • repaired, by creating a Service order in the rejected stock lot's details;
  • written off at Stock -> Write-offs.

In order to use quality control:

  • the Quality Control functionality must be turned on at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions -> Quality Control: Yes.
  • Quality control must be enabled in the item's details, at Stock -> Items.

Stock lot label, lot barcode

It is possible to print labels to identify items from different stock lots (batches). The labels for stock lots can be printed by clicking Print label at
  • the Stock -> Stock lots page,
  • the Purchase Order, where the parts were procured.
  • the Manufacturing order, where the products were manufactured.

The standard label contains the following information:

  • Your company name;
  • stock lot number;
  • part number;
  • part description;
  • the quantity of the stock lot;
  • printing date;
  • the unique stock lot barcode, if the Enterprise function Barcodes is turned ON.

The standard label's width is 3.55" (90 mm). The height is 1.85" (47 mm) without the lot barcode and 2.25" (57 mm) with the lot barcode.

The size, information, and layout of the label can be edited with the Label editor.

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