Substitute part

The Production planning -> BOMs -> Substitute a part in all BOMs allows bulk editing many Bills of Materials.

This page allows adding, removing, or replacing a part in selected bills of materials, all of which are within selected filters at Production planning -> BOMs.

For editing bills of materials in bulk:

  1. For replacing an old part with a new one, select both parts.
  2. For removing a part, select the old part only.
  3. For adding a part, select the new part only.

How to select which Bills of materials to update?

  • Changes apply to bills filtered on the previous page, the Production planning -> BOMs page.
  • If some filters have been set to find particular bills of materials, only these bill are updated.
  • If no filters have been set, all bills of materials are updated.
  • When searching, you can use search operators and wildcards (_, %, &&, ||).

Please note that it may be not possible to undo changes. Because of that, it is advised to backup your database in Settings -> Database maintenance.

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