Database Maintenance

Under Settings -> Database maintenance it is possible to:

  1. Download all your data in order to have a copy of it on your computer. It is advised to do this at least once a month.
  2. Restore your database from database backup file.
  3. Clear the database.

Database backup and restoration

You can upload the database backup file to restore your data.  

  • The file should not be older than 30 days.
  • It has to be downloaded from the same account it is restored to (it is not possible to upload a backup file from one account to another account).
  • Your current database will be erased during upload and replaced with the data from the backup file. It is advised to download a new backup file before uploading an older backup.
  • All users will be signed out during the restoration.

Emptying the database

There are two options for emptying the database:

  1. Delete all data (except users and settings).
  2. Delete all orders (MO, CO, PO, RMA, SO) and inventory levels only.
    The so-called seed or master data will remain - customers, vendors, articles, BOMs, Routings, Workstations, etc.