Transfer Orders

The Stock -> Transfer orders section allows transferring items between different sites or warehouses and contains a list of all transfer orders.

Click Create to create a new Transfer Order.

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  1. What do Transfer Order statuses show?
  2. How to transfer items from one warehouse to another?
  3. How to prepare a transfer and print documents (Waybill, Picking list)?
  4. How to dispatch the items from one site?
  5. How to receive the items at another site?
  6. How to add transportation fees and other costs?

Transfer Order Statuses

The status shows the progress of a transfer order.:

  1. New - a new transfer order is created and stock items are booked for transfer, but they are not available yet. This status is assigned automatically.
  2. Ready for Shipment - this status shows that all products are ready in stock. They can be shipped to the other site. This status is assigned automatically.
  3. Shipped - this status shows that all products have been shipped. This status is assigned automatically when items are picked.
  4. Received - this status shows that all items have been received at the destination site. This status must be assigned manually.
  5. Canceled - this shipment is canceled. This status is assigned when the user deletes the transfer order or changes the status to "Canceled".

Pre-requisites for using transfer orders

This section is available if the Multi-stock and Production Sites functionality is enabled.

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