The Procurement -> Inspection section shows a list of all stock lots that have been received into stock and need to be inspected.

This page allows:

  • performing quality control for incoming items to stock, both procured and purchased,
  • inspection of the items the customers have returned.

Jump to:

  1. How to set up quality control for an item?
  2. How to perform quality control of items incoming to stock?
  3. How to process rejected items which failed quality control?
  4. How to inspect the items the customers have returned?

Setting up quality control for an item

For setting up quality control for an item:

  1. Open the item's details at Stock -> Items.
  2. Check the checkbox Quality control: Yes.
  3. Enter the average On hold period in days. The Availability date = Expected date of PO or Expected finish date of MO + On hold period.
  4. Save.

Next time this item is purchased, and the purchase order is received, the items will be put On hold and must be inspected at Procurement -> Inspection.

If the item is manufactured, then next time the manufacturing order is finished, the products will be put On hold and must be inspected at Procurement -> Inspection.

To use quality control, the Quality Control functionality is must be enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions -> Quality control: Yes.

Display of the Procurement -> Inspection section

This section is available if:

  1. Quality Control functionality is enabled.
  2. if the Return Merchandise Authorization functionality is enabled.
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