The Internet-kiosk gives a simple way for workers to report shop-floor progress. It is a simplified alternative to the My production plan.

In the Internet-kiosk, the production operations assigned to the user or the user's departments can be seen.

The concept is that the worker must take the uppermost operation and complete it:

  1. Operations with the earliest start time are shown first.
  2. If the two operations have the same start time, the one with the lower operation number in the MO is shown first.
  3. Completed operations of the unfinished MO-s are at the end of the list. (Operations of finished MOs are removed.)

The Internet-kiosk advanced mode enables additional functionality.

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  1. Demo video: Using the "Internet-Kiosk".
  2. Configuring and accessing the Internet-kiosk.
  3. Production reporting in the Internet-kiosk.

Configuring and accessing the Internet-kiosk

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  1. Access to the Internet-kiosk.
  2. Configure visibility of operations.
  3. Internet-kiosk advanced mode.
  4. Access to attached files.

Access to the Internet-kiosk

For accessing the Internet-kiosk:

  1. Create a new user at Settings -> Human resources -> Users.
  2. Give access rights to the "Internet-kiosk" only. 

ALL other checkboxes with user rights must be unchecked. Such a user will see MRPeasy in the kiosk mode after logging in.

Production reporting in Internet-kiosk

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  1. Report operation's start, finish, and quantity.
  2. Finishing the Manufacturing Order.
  3. Materials used in production.
  4. Report serial numbers.
  5. Multiple users on one device.
  6. Color coding.

Report production operations

To perform manufacturing operations and record start-stop:

  1. Click on the Start Start button at the work operation’s line to start work.
  2. Click on the Pause Pause button, if the operation is stopped, but it is not finished yet. The software will ask to enter the quantity, how many items were completed from the last start (if left empty, defaults to 0). Click Start again to resume.
  3. Click on the Finish Finish button, when the operation is fully completed.
    The software will ask to enter the quantity, how many items were completed from the last start (if left empty, defaults to match the order quantity).
Color coding

The color of the Start button indicates the status of the operation:

  • Not started
  • Paused
  • Finished

Finish the Manufacturing Order

When the last operation is finished in the Internet-kiosk, then the order is automatically finished:

  • all booked parts will be consumed,
  • finished products will be available in stock,
  • if more materials were required than were booked and could be consumed accordingly to the BOM, a note is added to the Manufacturing Order.
  • if the final reported quantity differs from the order quantity, a note is added to the Manufacturing Order.

Materials used in production

When Internet-kiosk Advanced mode is enabled, it is possible to see materials in the Internet-kiosk.

When using the Internet-kiosk, all materials are marked consumed automatically after the completion of the first production operation.

For manual reporting of materials, My production plan should be used.

Report serial numbers in production

When Internet-kiosk Advanced mode is enabled, it is possible to track Serial numbers:

  • To record a serial number for the final product, click the Serial numbers button.
  • If serial numbers of the parts must also be recorded, then when specifying the serial number of the finished product, it is possible to select items used and add serial numbers for each (according to the stock lots of parts booked for this order).

Multiple workers reporting on one device

Several workers can use one device to access their production plans and reporting.

  1. When logged in, move your mouse over your username Current user on the top right corner of MRPeasy.
  2. A list of currently signed-in users appears.
  3. Click on a username to change the user.
  4. Click on the User sign in Sign in with another user button, to log in with a user, who is currently not signed in from this device.

Signing out:

  1. Move your mouse over your username Current user on the top right corner of MRPeasy.
  2. Click Log out after the username, to log a user out.
  3. If you close the browser, all users will be logged out.



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