System Settings

The Settings -> System settings section contains the settings which customize how the application works.

  • Regional Settings - customize how the information is displayed according to local specifics, e.g. timezone, the first day of the week, base currency, etc.;
  • Company Details - enter the information about your company, which will be displayed in the documents sent to your customers and vendors;
  • Numeration Formats - set the numeration formats based on which document numbers are generated in MRPeasy;
  • Work Hours - define the work hours for each day;
  • Holidays - enter the dates of holidays when no work will take place;
  • Professional Functions - enable or disable the Professional functions;
  • Enterprise Functions - enable or disable the Enterprise functions;
  • Software Settings - set preferences for the software interface;
  • Usability Settings - set preferences for your personal interface;
  • Notifications - set personal e-mail notifications;
  • Additional Currencies - define additional currencies and their exchange rates;
  • Allowed IPs - define IP addresses that are allowed to sign in to your account at MRPeasy;
  • Integrations - configure integrations of MRPeasy with other software;
  • PDF editor - customize the layouts of PDF documents;
  • Label editor - customize labels;
  • E-mail editor - customize subjects and texts of e-mails that can be sent to your customers and suppliers;
  • Custom fields - add custom fields to your MRPeasy database;
  • Write-off types - define custom write-off codes for manual write-offs;
  • Customer Statuses - rename default customer statuses in CRM.
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