Professional Functions

In the section Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions, it is possible to turn on the Professional package functions.

The additional functions available in the Professional package are:

  • Co-product BOM - add side-products (side-products, scrap, waste) to BOM, which can also be retrieved to stock from the same Manufacturing Order;
  • Custom fields (always on) - add custom fields to the database;
  • Expiry date - track expiry dates of stock lots;
  • Non-inventory items - create items which are not tracked in inventory;
  • Matrix BOM - define parametrical products, which have many variations;
  • Fixed Quantity - fix a part quantity in a BOM irrelevant of the order quantity;
  • Overlap and special sequences of production operations - subsequent operations can overlap; several chains of operations which can diverge/converge can take place at one time for one product;
  • Parallel execution of production operations - an operation can be divided into smaller parallel operations among all available workstations of the same group;
  • Piece payment - workers can be paid per piece; time payment can be disabled;
  • Quality Control - items can be subject to quality control before taken into stock (both procured and manufactured);
  • Serial numbers - individual pieces of any item can be tracked by its serial numbers;
  • Subcontracting - using subcontracted processes in production, free issuing stock to subcontractors;
  • Tiered pricing - define different sales price sheets and pricing tiers per order quantity;
  • Unscheduled manufacturing orders - ability to remove planned manufacturing orders from the production schedule.