Account and Billing

You can see the state of your account under Settings -> Account and billing

Here you can:

  1. See the paid until date, the number of users, and the next invoice amount.
  2. Order MRPeasy.
  3. See and pay invoices.
  4. Change your pricing plan.
  5. Pay for more users.
  6. Change the billing cycle.
  7. Change the company name, contact e-mail and billing e-mail for the account.
  8. Downgrade your account.
  9. Stop billing.
  10. Delete your account.

How to order MRPeasy

At the end of the free trial, a proforma invoice will automatically be issued for the next billing period. Once it is paid you can continue using MRPeasy.

To order MRPeasy:

  • Follow the instructions, which you will receive in your email after the end of the trial.
  • Or go to Settings -> Account and billing -> Invoicing, open the Invoice, and proceed to checkout.
  • If you wish to continue with automatic renewal, choose to save the card or Paypal details for the next payments.

You can also enter and change payment details anytime at Settings -> Account and billing -> Payment data.

When a proforma invoice is paid, a tax invoice is automatically generated and can be found at Settings -> Account and billing -> Invoicing.

Note that you will not be charged during the free trial period and neither for the free trial.

How to pay your invoices

You can see your invoices at Settings -> Account and billing -> Invoicing.

All invoices are displayed here:

  • invoices for the MRPeasy subscription;
  • plus additional invoices for adding new users, ordered training, or customization.

To pay an unpaid invoice, open it, and proceed to checkout.

How to order more users

To add more users:

  1. Go to Settings -> Human Resources and press the "+" button, after which you can choose how many users you'd like to add. The software will automatically generate a proforma invoice, which is proportional to the time until the end of the current billing cycle.
  2. Go to Settings -> Account and billing -> Invoicing and pay the invoice.
  3. Go to Settings -> Human Resources and press the "+" button again to enter the pre-paid users.

NB! Users can be freely added during the free trial, without any restrictions.

How to change the pricing plan

To change your pricing plan:

  1. Go to Settings -> Account and billing -> Profile and click the Edit button.
  2. Choose your desired plan.
  3. Save

For downgrading, please read this FAQ article: How can I downgrade my account?

How to change the billing cycle

You can change your billing cycle at Settings -> Account and billing -> Profile by clicking Edit, and changing the Billing cycle.

The new billing cycle will take effect after the current billing period ends.

How to change the company name and contact e-mail associated with the account

Contact e-mail is in use for sending information from MRPeasy to the client.

Billing e-mail is used for invoices only. If the billing e-mail is absent, invoices are sent to the contact e-mail.

To change the company name and associated e-mails:

  1. Go to Settings -> Account and billing -> Profile and click the Edit button.
  2. Update the information.
  3. Save

How to choose the Corporate plan

  1. Your account should be paid an Unlimited account with at least 4 full users. In this case, you can upgrade your pricing plan to Corporate at any time.
  2. Corporate plan can be agreed upon and used for the functionality, agreed between the client and the provider. Contact the Support Department for more information via the Support Ticket system in Settings -> Support

How to downgrade the account

To downgrade from a higher software edition (pricing plan) to a lower one act as follows:

1. Check that your account does not exceed any limits of the chosen lower pricing plan. Limits are listed at /terms/#limits.

2. Disable all special features, which are provided by the higher edition. This can be done at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions and/or Enterprise functions.

A special feature can be disabled if there is no special data that is created by that function. For example, to disable the functionality of the Serial numbers, all serial numbers should be deleted.

3. Go to Settings -> Account and Billing -> Profile, click Edit, then choose and save the edition/plan that you would like to downgrade to.

4. Check in Settings -> Account and Billing that you have the desired pricing plan and the next invoice amount is as expected.

How to stop billing

If you want just to stop making payments, you can delete your payment details:

  1. Go to Settings -> Account and Billing -> Payment data.
  2. Delete the payment details.

In this case, you will be able to continue to use your account until the end of your paid period. 

How to delete the account

To delete your account:

  1. Go to Settings -> Account and billing -> Profile and click the Delete my account button.
  2. Follow the instructions.

NB! Only the first user of the account (the administrator) can delete the account. 

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