Storage Locations

The Stock -> Stock settings -> Storage locations shows the list of all storage locations in the stock, in the warehouses. Here you can edit and create new storage locations.

What is a storage location? A storage location is a location inside one warehouse, e.g. an area, a bin, a shelf, etc.

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  1. Tips and tricks.
  2. Print storage location labels.
  3. Move items between internal storage locations.
  4. Transfer items to another warehouse.

Tips and tricks

  • Click Create to add a new storage location.
  • The location number one cannot be deleted (displayed in italic), this is the default generic stock location. It can be renamed.
  • Click Print label to print labels for storage locations. Labels are printed with barcodes if the Barcode System is turned on.

Storage location label, storage location barcode

The labels for storage locations can be printed by clicking the Print label button at the Stock -> Stock settings -> Storage locations page.

The size, information, and layout of the label can be edited with the Label editor.

The standard label contains the unique stock lot barcode if the Barcode System functionality is enabled.

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