Parallel Execution of Production Operations

This Parallel execution of production operations functionality allows dividing one operation into smaller pieces to be processed in parallel on several workstations at the same time. It's possible to define in the Routing that an operation is divided between all workstations of the same group.

This functionality can be enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions -> Parallel execution of production operations

When this function is turned On:

  • The Parallelize column becomes available in the Routing Details with a checkbox (Yes/No) on every operations line.
  • If the Parallelize option is enabled for an operation, the will be divided into smaller parallel operations among all available workstations of the same group. 
  • Then approximately: Operation duration = Cycle time x Quantity / Number of workstations*
    The actually planned duration may differ due to differences in workstations' productivity and availability.

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Demo video

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