Today Contacts

The CRM -> Today contacts section shows a list of customers you (your user) need to contact today.

This page allows:

  • keeping track of interactions with customers,
  • seeing customers who need to be contacted today.

Setting a next contact time for the customer

  1. Open the customer by clicking on its name.
    Or at CRM -> Customers.
  2. Set the Next contact date.
  3. Save
  4. The customer will be shown on Today's contacts when this date has arrived.
NB! Make use of the Notes section in the customer's details to keep track of interactions.

Tips and tricks

  • Click Create to add a new customer.
  • Click Choose columns to choose which columns to display.
  • Drag the columns to rearrange them.
  • The table can be searched and filtered (see Usage tips for wildcards).
  • Click Saved searches to save a search or use a saved search.
  • Click Bulk editing to edit selected rows in bulk.
  • Click Reports to see the customer's reports.
  • Click Reports on top-right of the table to see all customers summary reports.
  • Use the drop-down menu above the table to see a list of "Companies" or "Contacts".
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