Customer Order Reports

Each customer order has several statistical reports, which can be accessed from CRM -> Customer Orders, by clicking on the Reports Reports button on a Customer Order's line.

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  1. Bookings - bookings made for this order.
  2. Raw materials - all raw materials used in the production related to products on this order.
  3. Missing parts - all raw materials which are not yet available for the production of products related to this order.
  4. Serial numbers - all serial numbers shipped with this order.

Report "Bookings"

This report shows the list of bookings from stock for this customer order.

Report "Raw materials"

This report shows the list of parts and their quantities used in this customer order.

Report "Missing parts"

This report shows the list of parts that are not booked for manufacturing orders, which are connected with this Customer Order.

Report "Serial numbers"

This report shows the list of serial numbers that have been shipped for this customer order.

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