The Procurement -> Requirements shows a report with a list of all the purchasable components that are required for a customer order or a manufacturing order but have not been booked.

The Procurement -> Requirements allows

  • seeing demand for purchasable items by quantity, source, and date when these are needed (Requirement date),
  • seeing when purchase orders should be placed (Action date) according to lead time,
  • creating purchase orders.

Usage tips:

  1. If these items are available in stock and should be taken off the list, then bookings need to be finalized for these:
    Instructions: How to book materials for a Manufacturing Order.
    Instructions: How to book items for a Customer Order.
  2. Click Create a Purchase Order on the item's line to create a new PO. The PO, once saved, will be automatically linked to where these materials where demanded.
  3. Customer Orders, for which bookings have never been raised, are not displayed here. Demand needs to be created while trying to book the item to the CO.
  4. To create a purchase order for several lines at once, select them by marking the checkboxes. Then, click the button Create purchase orders in bulk. All items should be purchasable from the same vendor.
    To select all from the same vendor, first, select one line, then use the checkbox on the top-right, which now is not greyed out anymore.

Important notes:

  • The software shows the first 10000 parts sorted by the date when the part is required.
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