MRPEasy for Electronics and High Tech Industry

MRPEasy for Electronics and High Tech Industry

MRPEasy enables you to maximize profit by accelerating time to market and cutting costs. HT&E manufacturers are using this MRP software solution to solve mission-critical business challenges directly and affordably, because it provides the platform required for global operations and offers specific functionality for electronics manufacturers, such as components serial numbers tracking, quality assurance, barcodes generation. Across the board, MRPEasy integrates three essential elements: your customers, your operations, and your suppliers.

MRPEasy drives your ROI by:
  • Reducing parts inventory costs
  • Better control on purchasing operations
  • Better equipment utilization
  • Significant reduction in time creating customer proposals and product schedules

MRPEasy can help companies within the High Tech and Electronics industry significantly improve their production and profitability with features such as:

  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Manufacturing Scheduling
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Cost Accounting
  • Multi-Currency Accounting
  • Quality Management
  • Lot and Serial Number Traceability
  • Warehouse Management
  • CRM

Success stories

Nielsen Tele Medical
Nielsen Tele Medical

Nielsen Tele Medical works in consumer neuroscience field, providing neuroscience tools at a global market. Flagship product is EEG headset.

Nielsen uses MRPEasy for CRM, inventory and production planning and management, including serial and RMA management.

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Starship Technologies
Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies is building self-driving delivery robots designed to deliver goods locally within 30 minutes.

Starship uses MRPEasy for production planning, stock, internal logistics and supply chain management.

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StrongPoint Automation
StrongPoint Automation

StrongPoint Automation develops high-performance robotic and conveying systems to optimize their manufacturing and packaging processes.

StrongPoint uses MRPEasy as full ERP/MRP solution.

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