About Us

Who We Are

We're a passionate team dedicated to changing the idea that ERP/MRP systems should be massive, complex to install and operate, and really expensive. A quality ERP system is essential to efficient production, but it doesn't have to be so complex that the costs of implementing and operating outweigh the benefits. We believe you're more likely to reach your goals if you get results quickly and easily.

How the Idea Was Born

From 2000, our founders had a general software development company, developing high-load, web-based software. At the beginning of 2010 they realized that cloud technology had advanced to a point where they could offer mission-critical software systems via the Internet. They embarked on a journey to create a product that would change the situation, where small and medium-sized manufacturers cannot benefit from sophisticated production planning software, like SAP or MS Axapta.

Our Mission

To help small and medium manufacturers grow and compete through access to sophisticated MRP services, previously only available to the biggest companies. Manufacturers should be able to compete using their intelligent, cost-effective processes instead of depending on the cheapest workforce and raw materials.

Our Values

  1. Ethics
  2. Awesome product
  3. Killer support
  4. Reliability
  5. Customer data privacy
  6. Simplicity.

Our Vision

To be the obvious choice for small and medium sized manufacturers and wholesalers/distributors who want to leverage the power of a sophisticated yet simple MRP/ERP service to grow.