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MRPeasy 10 – The Past, Present, and Future of the Modern MRP Pioneer
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MRPeasy 10 – The Past, Present, and Future of the Modern MRP Pioneer

MRPeasy is celebrating a significant milestone – the 10th anniversary of the company’s founding. Here’s how that came to be and what ten years actually means in the ERP market.


Filling a gap in the market

MRPeasy was created by a team of experienced software developers after they were hired to train SME manufacturing businesses in operations management software. While they could teach entrepreneurs how to choose ERP/MRP software, they could not recommend specific solutions because there were no systems around that were suitable for small businesses. The most affordable options at that time started from $120,000 and their implementation took many months, if not years, which made them inaccessible to small manufacturing companies. The only solution was to create a solution themselves.

A minimum viable product (MVP) was developed with the help of manufacturing professionals during 2013 and in February 2014, the company was founded. At that time, MRPeasy became the world’s first cloud-based MRP software designed specifically for small manufacturing companies.

This is what the MRPeasy user interface originally looked like.

The software was built upon three core tenets:

  1. It must be intuitively understandable to manufacturing professionals.
  2. It will be cloud-based, requiring no on-site servers, installation, or IT staff on the part of the customers.
  3. It should be usable in every manufacturing industry.

The new software also had to be affordable to smaller manufacturers, enabling the small players of the industry to reach the same levels of operational efficiency as larger enterprises. By the end of 2016, MRPeasy had gathered its first 100 clients – nearly 40% of whom continue their journey with MRPeasy to this day.

One of those clients is Cantium Scientific, a leading industrial air quality test systems manufacturer from the UK. Managing Director Stephen Plumridge says: “We’ve grown with MRPeasy, and it’s grown with us. Realizing what we can do with it, we’ve put more and more into MRPeasy and today everything’s linked with it from shipping to invoices. MRPeasy effectively runs our business for us. It’s the framework for how we manage things.”

MRPeasy gave small manufacturers the tools larger industry players had used for decades.

Developing from MRP to ERP

While MRPeasy was mostly a production planning tool at first, over time it grew into a complete manufacturing ERP suite. This cross-functionality was achieved with the help of third-party integrations as well as by further developing the system’s core functionality.

For example, an accounting module was added for manufacturing-centric financial analysis, and API access was granted for self-service customization. Operations management was also improved over time to offer expanded functionalities like barcoding, subcontracting, and multi-site management

The team also included integrations with small business giants like QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Shopify, allowing clients to tie together their manufacturing, accounting, and e-commerce management.

In 2018, the software also got a fresh new user interface to complement the advancements in functionality.

In 2018, the software got a fresh new look in addition to useful new functionality.

The 2020s, and especially the COVID pandemic, underscored the need for cloud-based management systems that would enable companies to reduce risks related to supply chain disruptions while providing a base for remote work. Demand for these types of solutions went up and MRPeasy strengthened its foothold in markets around the world, celebrating its 1000th client in 2021 and its 1500th client at the beginning of 2024.

During this time, many more functionalities were added to the software, including the Master Production Schedule (MPS), Packing, and Disassembly BOM features. MRPeasy also expanded its technology partner network through integrations with Zapier, ShipStation, and Pipedrive. The year 2023 saw the adoption of Mr. Peasy, the AI Chatbot that helps clients with questions related to the adoption and use of the software.

In 2024, MRPeasy remains a modern solution for forward-thinking manufacturers.

10 years make a reliable solution

“When we started MRPeasy 10 years ago, we wanted to help small manufacturers get their hands on the kind of production planning tools the big companies use,” says Konstantin Klugman, Product Manager and one of the founders of MRPeasy. “It’s been amazing to see how this idea has taken off and helped so many businesses grow and do better. We’ve seen our idea catch on with competitors across the globe, and it makes me happy to see how we’ve made a mark on the whole industry.”

10 years is a long time in the realm of software, cementing MRPeasy’s status as a mature and reliable solution. Serious manufacturers seek systems that will serve them well over 10-20 years. MRPeasy stands out by not only meeting this need for longevity but also by scaling seamlessly as the client’s business grows.

In addition, MRPeasy has come all this way without raising money from venture capital, meaning that there is no pressure that could push the company to take unnecessary risks to satisfy investors. This is an important confidence factor for manufacturers that think more than two steps ahead.

“There is a huge demand from small manufacturers who are looking to get better control over their inventory management and to more efficiently manage jobs on the shop floor,” says Richard Duff, Managing Director at UK’s Smart Manufacture manufacturing consultancy. “And quite frankly, there’s not many good platforms out there for the small to mid-sized manufacturing sector at a similar price-point so I believe MRPeasy has a very rosy future ahead of it.”

Turning 10 years old is undoubtedly an important landmark in the software market. The MRPeasy team is grateful to its clients and partners for their long-serving confidence. Thank you!

Madis Kuuse

Madis is an experienced content writer and translator with a deep interest in manufacturing and inventory management. Combining scientific literature with his easily digestible writing style, he shares his industry-findings by creating educational articles for manufacturing novices and experts alike. Collaborating with manufacturers to write process improvement case studies, Madis keeps himself up to date with all the latest developments and challenges that the industry faces in their everyday operations.

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