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MRPeasy Users Report a 54% Average Improvement in Operational Efficiency
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MRPeasy Users Report a 54% Average Improvement in Operational Efficiency

In the last quarter of 2023, we conducted a short survey among MRPeasy users about their experience with MRPeasy. Now, the responses have been analyzed and the results are in.


What we asked

As part of our yearly customer survey, we reached out to our users with a set of essential questions designed to assess the impact of MRPeasy on their manufacturing operation. Here’s a deeper dive into each question and its significance:

  1. How much has your on-time delivery rate improved since you started using MRPeasy?
    On-time delivery is a key performance indicator in manufacturing. This question helps us understand how MRPeasy aids in creating accurate production schedules and increasing delivery reliability.
  2. How much has your operational efficiency improved with MRPeasy?
    Operational efficiency is crucial for the profitability and scalability of any manufacturing business. By asking this question, we gauge the effectiveness of MRPeasy in optimizing workflows and reducing waste.
  3. How many additional orders is your company able to handle as a result of using MRPeasy?
    The ability to handle more orders without compromising quality is an indicator of improved process efficiency. This question seeks to quantify the growth enabled by MRPeasy.
  4. How much has your production cost estimation accuracy improved since implementing MRPeasy?
    Accurate cost estimation is vital for pricing strategies and maintaining profitability. This question assesses the impact of MRPeasy on improving costing and cost analysis.
  5. How likely are you to expand your manufacturing business and hire new employees in the next 6 months?
    This question is aimed at understanding the long-term business growth plans of our clients, and how MRPeasy contributes to these ambitions by providing scalable solutions.

Each of these questions serves not just as a metric for customer satisfaction but also as a beacon guiding our continuous improvement and innovation in providing top-tier software solutions to growing manufacturers.

How you responded

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating the substantial impact of our software on various aspects of manufacturing management. Here’s a summary of our key findings:

On-time delivery rate

Our users reported a remarkable 39% average improvement in their on-time delivery rate since implementing MRPeasy. This improvement highlights the efficacy of our software in providing accurate lead time estimates, refining production schedules, and increasing delivery reliability.

Operational efficiency

On average, our clients saw an improvement of 54% in operational efficiency. This significant increase reflects the role of MRPeasy in streamlining workflows and reducing waste across departments, thereby boosting overall productivity.

Capacity for additional orders

Our users report that they are now able to handle an average of 27% more orders than before implementing the software. This is a testament to the increased process efficiency and scalability provided by MRPeasy, which allows businesses to grow without compromising on quality.

Production cost estimation accuracy

Our customers’ accuracy in production cost estimation improved by an average of 59%, indicating the effectiveness of MRPeasy in improving cost analysis and aiding in making more strategic pricing decisions. 

Business expansion plans

Looking toward the future, 54% of survey respondents indicated they were either rather likely or very likely to expand their manufacturing operations and hire new employees in the next 6 months. This response signals a positive outlook on business growth even in today’s uncertain economic climate, and the role of MRPeasy in facilitating sustainable growth.

What our customers said

Here is a selection of what some of our customers said about their experience with MRPeasy in 2023.

Operational efficiency

      Alistair Watson, Managing Director at Stakam: “I feel like we struck gold with MRPeasy. It’s become such an asset that I often grapple between wanting to keep it as our secret weapon and the desire to showcase our robust systems.”

●      Kendra Scappaticci, Operations Manager at KS2: “When we start producing new items, drawing up new bills of materials and getting them linked up with production planning takes just a few hours now instead of days. We can upload a new BOM, be ready to submit manufacturing orders, and send out invoices associated with the new product within the same day now.”

Procurement and inventory management

      Matt Zimmerman, Founder and CEO at FarSounder: “Using our previous system, it took me a day to understand what parts we needed to order and when. With MRPeasy, it takes less than an hour.”

      James Watt, Supply Chain Coordinator at Blighter Surveillance Systems: “MRPeasy has helped us hugely with controlling the flow of goods and making sure we haven’t got loads of bits sitting around that we don’t know what they’re for. It’s really saved us from having too much cash tied up in stock.”

Sales and revenue growth

      Eric Roering, Founder of Fontana Candle: “We do a lot of big sales during the holiday season and MRPeasy allows me to sell ahead with confidence. Instead of putting only the 100 candles that I have in stock on sale, I can put up 10,000 candles that haven’t been made yet and still know that I will be able to deliver them on time. It has allowed us to keep our service levels and customer satisfaction up.”

      Alece Piper, Vice President at Bernard Laboratories: “We have definitely grown thanks to MRPeasy. We are now able to fulfill more orders, generate more revenue, and have an accurate overview of everything.”

Compliance and quality

●      James Johnstone, Director of Program Management at Advanced Material Development: “MRPeasy has provided us with a foundation and given us the confidence and ability to ship well-defined, quality-assured products to customers along with the traceability required for our demanding customer environment.”

      Allyson Straka, Founder of Frozen Garden: “MRPeasy has all the functionality manufacturers from industries such as food or pharma need to comply with FDA regulations and get to the next level of efficiency.

Software user experience

      Ve Chao, Operations Manager at ABI Mouldings: “Building the whole system to meet our requirements was so easy that we hardly looked at the manual during implementation.”

      Lindsey Daniels, Project Manager at RetiVue: “MRPeasy is undoubtedly the most useful piece of software I have seen in at least 10 years.”

●      Brandon Ames, CEO at AniCell Biotech: “MRPeasy is the perfect software for 95% of small manufacturers. It doesn’t get any better.”

Read the full case studies.

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